Midwife of the Soul Updates

I am very pleased to announce that my manuscript, “Midwife of the Soul: A teaching memoir from the lens of an HSP psychotherapist” is now under publishing contract with Atmosphere Press. Please stay tuned for more info about about my book, author's webpage, and how to purchase my book in the coming weeks.

Ever since discovering that I am an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) and an Empath with Heightened Sensory Processing abilities, I’ve had a passion to tell my story. Telling one’s story is like giving away a piece of one’s soul and with that said, this memoir is my gift and my story of how and why I chose to become a “midwife of the soul”.

The genre of “teaching memoir” is not meant to entertain but to share my hard-won wisdom and deeply candid personal experiences of growing up as an HSP.  

My goal is to take the reader on a guided tour into the mind and heart of an HSP, beginning with a collection of vignettes, real-life experiences (both tender and traumatic), interwoven with prophetic dreams that catapulted me on my own personal journey of discovery in my life as an HSP Midwife of the Soul (aka psychotherapist).

Each vignette is followed by a prescriptive narrative for HSPs that is intended to raise awareness of HSP personality traits, learn how they may recognized in early childhood, and how to help readers to find a reason to celebrate the gift of sensitivity within life’s challenges.