Midwife of the Soul ‘s Book-Birthing with Atmosphere Press

Here is an excerpt from the introduction of my book (MOTS for brevity).

A life lived in comfort is less likely to evolve. Therefore, consider every challenge you encounter in life as a gateway to spiritual evolution.

“Spiritual Midwifery is a specific healing art used to support the birth of the sacred human soul and provide guidance to the human during his or her spiritual evolutionary journey—beginning with the spiritual awakening process of the soul.  

Similar to the process of recognizing the signs of pregnancy and uncovering the need of the soul to be birthed, I have chosen the birthing metaphor to explore the process of spiritual awakening. 

At the moment of spiritual birthing, the sacredness of one’s innermost being, wherein resides one’s Divine inner light, wisdom, and truth, emerges from the inner darkness into the infinite light.  The cry of the soul is suddenly heard and, from that point on, the evolution of the soul takes center stage and becomes the human’s highest priority.”

~ Shira Friedman, Author 

Midwife of the Soul: A Teaching Memoir through the Lens of an HSP Psychotherapist

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