HSPs = Highly Sensitive People Blog

I am a HSP (highly sensitive person) who also happens to be an integrative therapist.

Although I’ve known since childhood that I am highly sensitive, I saw my sensitivity as a defect and tried my best to hide it (more on this topic at a later date).

My clinical background includes traditional evidenced-based psychotherapy (CBT, DBT, EMDR) in addition to alternative, complementary, and holistic practices. 

I utilize my background and training in holistic nursing, energy healing practices (reiki, body work, mindfulness meditation, acoustic therapy) and expressive arts therapy to address traumatic stress, anxiety, depression, and a variety of mood disorders. 

After decades of experience working with children and families in both educational and community mental health settings, I have narrowed down my specialty to helping HSPs (children, teens, adults, and couples).

Thanks to research on the trait of high sensitivity done by Elaine Aron, PhD., understanding the role temperament plays in the therapeutic process is critical because even though HSPs comprise only 15% to 20% of the population, HSPs comprise 50% of clients seeking psychotherapy.

By empowering all HSP clients seeking therapy to recognize and honor their strengths, I assist them to improve their relationships with themselves and their significant others and to become the amazing individuals they came here to be!

Share Friedman, LCMHC

Taproot Integrative Counseling, PLLC