Client testimonials:

I absolutely love Sherry and her ability to understand what techniques work and what may not. She is incredibly open, transparent, and flexible. She allows herself to be vulnerable with you as you share your vulnerability. That is a key part to how she helped me connect back with my inner self and begin my healing journey as I take ahold of this new chapter in my life. Wonderful and would recommend her to anyone who is feeling disconnected from their true selves.

She is great, highly recommend!

It felt like we were having a normal conversation and before I knew it, I was experiencing an “aha” moment.

I am enjoying my therapy sessions.

Sherry is so open minded, caring, and highly responsive. I love working with her. She is really supportive and non-judgemental. A really great therapist that has a plethora of knowledge in many areas, which helps me relate to her feedback and helps me process in my own way. I love her non-traditional methods she brings to the table. It makes me feel seen and heard, which is absolutely helping me heal. Cannot recommend her highly enough!

Sherry is very insightful and knowledgeable.

My time working with Share has been pivotal in helping me shift from feeling like everything is too much and shutting down, into an expansive empowered energetic space of beginning to intuitively trust again which feels… huge! Not just for me, but for the good of my partnership. I deeply appreciate the support and space to feel seen and heard she has offered me on my journey this season, and the alignment of spirit I’ve found with her. She’s helped me come home to myself as a highly sensitive person and better honor my own needs.

I so value Sherry's wisdom, wide-ranging expertise, and broad perspective. She helped me broaden my own perspective and also to pinpoint issues and articulate questions I will continue to work with. Thank you, Sherry!

My experience with Sherry was nothing but amazing. She comforted and guided me with my best interests in mind! She helped me through a really hard period of time where I needed to make some huge decisions for myself and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her!

Sherry has completely changed my perspective and has helped me begin my own healing journey. I have been struggling for quite some time, and she is helping me get to a better place. Thank you, Sherry!

It was an absolute pleasure and joy to work with Sherry!  She provided a safe space to be vulnerable about my emotions and struggles while providing support and resources to help continue my healing! Such a divine spirit!

I’m beyond grateful for Ms. Sherry. Couldn’t have asked for a better match. Will come back to her for future sessions!!

Sherry is very compassionate and a pleasure to work with.

Sherry was genuinely kind and caring. Her expertise shows through in her work and she is a delight to talk to.

Sherry was wonderful to work with, very genuine caring, attentive. Sherry and I worked well together to discover optimal ways of moving through trauma and creating better habits and strategies for the future. I would recommend her to anyone!

Sherry has been wonderful in sending me so many resources that I really would like to pursue and in turn connecting on me on the path I'd like to take to a becoming a more well-balanced person.

Provides support and unbiased and empathetic responses. Solution based orientated. She follows up on therapy and suggested homework between sessions and I really need that. Thank you, Sherry!!

Sherry is articulate and rational without diminishing her sense of compassion and kindness. She is very helpful in getting to the root of a problem and offering practical advice for improvement.

Wonderful! Can’t say one negative thing.

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